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A Professional San Francisco Security Guard Company

American Assured Security is your best option for private security guard company in San Francisco. Our team is outstanding and the goal here is to provide you with the best security guard services in the bay area at a price you can afford. We offer a wide range of services so that we can work with you to create a customized security plan. This way you can operate at maximum efficiency at all times. It's always been a part of our goal to keep you safe and secured.

Once we got into the security industry we quickly realized there was need outside of our hometown. That's why we've expanded our reach so that more clients can have their security needs met. We don’t just provide security guard services in San Francisco, we also providesecurity guard services in Berkeley. American Assured is always trying to break new ground and expand to other areas because we provide a service that is invaluable to businesses, property owners, and individuals who take advantage of what we offer. We provide our security guard services in San Jose and we provide security guard services in the Bay Area. If you're in Northern California, chances are you can get your security coverage from American Assured..

We directly compete with larger security guard companies in San Francisco. This means that we have to offer something that they don't. We give you the time, care, and attention to detail that you won't find when working with a larger organization. We treat you like you're the only business, property owner, or individual that matters because that's how we feel when you work with us. You're the only one that matters. This is true of all our clients. We can give you the care that you deserve. We also often find ourselves outpricing the larger security guard companies. As a small business ourselves we understand the restriction that you're often working under. There are often budgetary or time restrictions and that's where us being smaller than the other security guard companies can help. We work with you to address your security needs while staying within your budget. Our security experts can sit down with you and develop a security plan that matches all of your needs.

Operating a business is tough and keeping everyone on your property safe is also a hard task. The goal at American Assured Security is to make it all a little easier on you. We are the best security guard company in the bay area despite our size. In fact, our size means that we're more attentive and more ready to be of service to even the smallest of needs you bring to us. Our commitment to care and concern for our customer's safety and experience with us what sets American Assured apart. We care about you and about your company. We work hard to ensure your success and security. Our team is ready to work for you.


Best San Francisco Security Guard Company

American Assured is the best security guard company in San Francisco. We can say that with confidence because we're more than a name on a uniform. We're more than an emblem. At American Assured, we're a team. Each client that we work with becomes part of that team, and we build a spirit of collaboration to meet their exact needs. Each of our clients has different needs and we will and always have taken the time to sit down and understand these needs. Then our security experts can layout a customized security plan that will not only meet their security needs but conforms to the budget laid out. This is all part of making sure you have the best experience possible when working with us. It also helps us understand what's important to you so that we can make sure to meet your most important needs, even if you don't realize the importance of meeting a particular security need.

Our team is built from the ground up. It all starts with the security guards that make up the majority of the team. We take great care to ensure that only the best security guards in the industry are added to the team. Without them, we won't be able to render our services to the quality level that we demand and that our clients have come to expect. Nobody holds our team to higher standards than ourselves. That accountability is carried throughout the security guards. We ensure that our guards are always on time, well-groomed, and detail-oriented. We expect nothing less from the best guards in the business.

We don't just hire outside guards though. We have to hire new recruits that we believe will be great guards if molded and trained properly. That's why we ensure that all of our guards receive a minimum of 40 hours of training. Any guards that decide to specialize beyond this point will receive additional training. We demand this so that you can get the best security guard services in the business. Your safety is worth it and important to every member of the team at American Assured.

From there we go up to our supervisors. Our supervisors manage and help our guards with anything and everything. They ensure that the guards are doing their jobs to the best of their ability and lead the team on the ground. This leadership is integral and that's why we have to such a strict hiring policy and even more rigorous policies when it comes to advancement within the team.

Then comes the people at the top of the ladder. The leadership of American Assured is always leading the company into the future, ensuring quality is maintained and our clients are always satisfied with the service we provide. Without our leadership, we wouldn't be where we are today. They are the key reason why American Assured is what it is today. You'll often find yourself as a client working closely with our leadership and we treat you like a member of the team, working towards a better and more secure future for you.


American Assured Security promises security officers that are:

  • Always on time
  • Always in uniform
  • Well groomed
  • Detail Oriented
  • Instructed on duties
  • Supervised

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American Assured Google review

Danied Vega

Thanks a lot so much to Ace and American Assured Security for being so helpful in delivering a security guard with such short notice. I called on a Friday at 3: 30p and in addition they had someone in whole uniform by 4: 30p. I was extremely satisfied by how prompt in addition to proactive they were about the ability to accommodate us on these kinds of short notice. I know that if we are ever requiring security, American Assured will really do the first and only company I most certainly will call

American Assured Yelp Review

Itishree R.

We were looking for setting up necessary security arrangements in our office party. Did some research online and eventually came to know about this company after talking to other such companies. We received a very good response from them as they met our requirements and were ready to provide 24X7 services. Will definitely opt this company when we need security services in future for office parties or any other occasions. Awesome people and awesome services. In my suggestion this is the best security guard company.

American Assured Google review

May William

American assured security is the best security guard company in the Bay Area. Their guards are very professional and always in a pleasant mood to great all employees and our guests. We are very happy with their services. I highly recommend American assured security guard company.

American Assured Yelp Review

Jasmin R

I've had a great experience working with American Assured Security. The office staff is very nice and professional. I strongly recommend American Assured Security for any company that is in need of security or anyone who is interested in applying for a guard position.

American Assured Google review

John Milliberry

What do you need in a security guard? A person that is could at protecting your property and your personal care. Well American Assured has got you. I really needed someone to help me out at business. They were able to get a good security guard, that helped me out at my business. I would give them a 2 thumbs up.

American Assured Google review

Ravi Shah

American Assured is the best security guard company. I am very satisfied with the services of American assured for my Warehouse. I have a small imports exports business. So I need a professional and trained security guard. My friend suggested me American assured security guard company. I hired one for this company. Now I’m very relaxed and I don’t have any tension for my warehouse security. I highly recommend the best security guard company bay area.