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Business park management main concerns are vandalism and theft at their facilities. Business park Tenants wants to make sure their enterprise data, equipments, inventory and employees are safe at all times. The most effective way to provide a peace of mind for tenants of a business park is to utilize stationary full uniform guards.

Your tenants will feel more secure with our professional security personnel patrolling their business park. We strive to find permanent long-term personnel for our business park clients because we find the tenants like to get to know the security personnel. The tenants feel more comfortable with security guard present.

American Assured Security guards can prevent most of these crimes by having present at the business park either by foot patrol, bike patrol or in some cases marked vehicle patrol. Along with providing trained and uniformed security personnel, American Assured Security provides an assortment of full-service security programs. We offer the following services to business parks:

  • Evict loiters
  • Monitor cameras (CCTV)
  • Prevent graffiti
  • Stop unauthorized visits
  • Report burn lights to management
  • Enforce parking rules and regulations
  • Control homeless in and around the business park
  • Report hazards to management or maintenance
  • Disperse unauthorized gathering
  • Write Daily Activity Report (DAR)

Once you choose American Assured Security as your security company, you will find a highly trained and motivated service staff, who will provide you with the highest quality security service on a consistent 24/7 basis! We offer the following benefits to our clients at no cost:

  • We have 24-hours supervision. The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location
  • We keep over 10,000 qualified applicants in our database if needed will hire guards to tailor our clients’ needs.
  • Wireless time clocks are installed to ensure guards are present at your post
  • If you are not satisfied with an officer assigned to your post, we can replace the officer immediately
  • All clients have access to our management 24-hours a day

We do a great deal of work for business parks and would be happy to provide you with references should you desire. American Assured Security has 40 years of combined experience in physical security field. Our hourly rates are very competitive if not the lowest in Northern California. In most cases we don’t pass over time to our clients because we use state of the art scheduling software to prevent any over time occurrence.

If you need security guard Company that can deliver what is promised, please call 1-855-790-5777 or contact us via our website for a FREE quote. Our trained consultant will contact right away.