We take pride in providing the best training for our supervisors and officers. We believe that training will prepare our officers for real life situations at our client’s locations. It is important for us to hire quality individuals to sharpen and refine the basic talents and instincts with high quality training.


American Assured will provide the following training to all security guards assigned to our client’s post

  • Radio Procedures

    Security officers learn how to make clear, audible, and accurate radio transmissions.

  • High Image Standards

    It is important that the security officers present an image to the visitors and employees favorable to our client while maintaining a professional security image. American Assured Security is aware of the fact that our security officer’s behavior and performance will reflect directly on our clients.

  • Jurisdiction and Limitations of the security officer

    While the scope of work and responsibilities for the security staff are comprehensive, there are limitations to the authority and jurisdiction granted to the security officer. Security officers do not have the power to arrest. American Assured Security will reinforce that the role of the Security Officer is to observe, monitor and report.

  • Proper Report Writing

    All activities of American Assured Security officers will be properly documented. Any incidents resulting in damage to property or jeopardizing the safety of employees or the general public will be thoroughly documented on a Daily Activity Report (DAR). Other security officer training includes administrative practices, related document preparations and submissions.


All of our security officers continue their training and experience through mandatory American Assured Security in-service class, which are held every six months. These classes continuously retrain and refresh all of our security officers on all---new laws, techniques, and procedures of the security service industry.